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‘Shin Ultraman’ posters show new look at Shin Godzilla Director’s next movie

Published : 22 Mar 2022 09:39 PM | Updated : 23 Mar 2022 03:03 PM
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A new set of Shin Ultraman posters are revealed ahead of its upcoming summer release, thrilling fans of the 1966 Japanese superhero. The Ultraman character has been in over 25 shows and 20 movies throughout the decades since his launch, and he's now getting yet another rendition. The original story followed Hayata, a man who could transform into a building-sized hero when various creatures threatened his city. The Shin Godzilla creators will tackle Ultraman. Ultraman may not be as well-known as Godzilla, but the character is still one of Toho's most successful creations.

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A new set of official Shin Ultraman posters were revealed on Twitter for the upcoming release showing a silhouette of Ultraman outlining five characters in the story. Another landscape poster shows Ultraman looking over his shoulder in front of a 60s-era color fade. 

The release date for the movie was announced in late 2020, teasing the new Ultraman look that the posters are showing up close. The recent Ultraman animations have since updated the original character's look, whose metal armor looked curiously like spandex. He became an icon in Japanese pop culture, influencing countless other sci-fi creators around the world. Attack on Titan director Shinji Higuchi is set to helm the film and the Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno is producing. The upcoming Shin Ultraman is trying to revive the look of those 1966 roots, and the teaser trailer wonderfully blends modern effects with a retro aesthetic. The movie hits Japanese theaters on May 13th. -Collider

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