Shakib Khan unveils poster of psychological thriller ‘Dorod’

Published : 14 Feb 2024 08:48 PM

In a thrilling exposure, superstar Shakib Khan has stunned fans worldwide with the release of the captivating first look poster for his upcoming psychological thriller, "Dorod." Renowned for his romantic charm on-screen, Shakib Khan takes a bold leap into uncharted territory, portraying a mesmerizingly intense and enigmatic character, setting the stage for an exhilarating cinematic journey.

Directed by the visionary Anonno Mamun, "Dorod" represents a groundbreaking venture as Shakib Khan becomes the first Bangladeshi actor to headline a pan-Indian project. Alongside him, the talented Bollywood actress Sonal Chauhan adds her star power, promising audiences an unforgettable on-screen chemistry.

Delving into the essence of "Dorod," Shakib Khan hints at a compelling narrative centered around a tumultuous love story intertwined with elements of psychological intrigue. Sonal Chauhan, known for her romantic repertoire, embraces the challenge of delving into the thriller genre, expressing excitement for the film's unique blend of suspense and romance.

Joining the stellar cast are acclaimed actors from both Bangladesh and India, including Payel Sarker, Rajesh Sharma, Dev Chandrima, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Misha Sawdagar, Lutfur Rahman George, Imtu, and Elina Shammi, ensuring a cinematic experience of unparalleled depth and brilliance.

Produced in collaboration with esteemed production houses SK Movies, One World Movies, Action Cut Entertainment, and Kibria Films, "Dorod" is poised to make waves across international cinemas. With its release scheduled for the near future, anticipation mounts for this multi-lingual cinematic spectacle, slated to enrapture audiences in languages ranging from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam to Kannada and Bengali.

As the countdown begins for the official unveiling of "Dorod," cinephiles worldwide eagerly await the opportunity to embark on a thrilling cinematic odyssey, showcasing Shakib Khan's versatility and the collective genius of the film's creative team. Stay tuned for further updates on this monumental cinematic event.