SBK heats up startup ecosystem of Bangladesh

Published : 15 May 2024 09:26 PM

SBK Tech Ventures, Bangla­desh’s only woman-led Venture Capital (VC) has unveiled the 6 startups which have received USD 7.1 million (BDT 85 crores). 

SBK funds Bangladeshi Tech startups only; their minimum ticket size for each startup is USD 1 million. SBK is also the first and only VC in Bangladesh to run in-house accelerators: “Net Positive” & “Excelerate­Her”, an in-house incubator; “YES, She Can”, plus a licensed VC fund.

Sonia Bashir Kabir, the Founder & Managing General Partner of SBK Tech said, “Bangladeshi startup founders have numerous opportunities for delivering impact through tech-enabled business models. Our total investment in this round reflects our confidence in the success of these startups which solve problems of the masses, leverage technology to scale, and create a transformative impact.”

The start-ups that got funding include, Solshare, Fashol, Jatri, Arogga, and 10 Minute School. which provides AI-powered growth automation tools for small and medium-sized businesses where marketers seek AI-powered platforms and automation tools to grow their digital footprint while ensuring data security.