Savar police finally record sexual harassment case

Published : 08 Jul 2021 10:42 PM

Savar Police finally recorded the case regarding sexually harassed and tortured a housemaid aged around 27 years, 15 days after the incident, after Bangladesh Post runs report twice brought the incident in light. Bangladesh Post obtained both copies of FIR and the case statement.

The case has been recorded on Wednesday night, said Kamal Hossain, Inspector (Investigation) of Savar model police station, informing that police trying to arrest the accused.

The accused was identified as Manjur Alam Manju, 23, son of late Ramiz Uddin, from Talbag area of Savar. He was also the prime accused of sensational college student Maruf murder case of Savar.

Meanwhile, the victim expressed her gratitude to The Bangladesh Post for publishing the reports, after the development was made on Wednesday night.

Earlier, the victim makes the allegation that Savar police did not respond to her despite lodged a written complaint, rather police tried to conceal the matter by filing another General Diary over the same incident, producing the incident as a non-cognizable offence. Later Bangladesh Post runs another report titled, “Police not recording sexual harassment case” on July 06, Tuesday.

Police on Wednesday called me to the police station and recorded my case after the report published, the victim said, expressing her gratitude to The Bangladesh Post on Thursday.

However, Kamal Hossain claimed police has no negligence on this matter, when asked that why police took a long time to record the case, and why multiple complaints had to file.