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Salahuddin not interested in taking up assistant coaching role

Published : 05 Feb 2023 09:18 PM

Bangladesh prominent coach Mohammad Salahuddin has stated that he is not interested in taking up the role of assistant coach for the national cricket team. 

Recently, Sri Lanka’s ChandikaHathurusingha was appointed as the head coach in all three formats for the Tigers. According to sources, the BCB is on the hunt for a local coach who can work in collaboration with Hathurusingha.

However, Salahuddin stated that the work of an assistant coach is demanding and requires a lot of effort, which is why he believes that it would be better to appoint someone who is already with the board.

“I don't know if I have the mentality to adapt on my own at this age. I myself have been working as a head coach for the last 5-10 years. Now I'm not sure if I can play the role of assistant coach, or whether I have that ability. Because the work of the assistant coach is a lot. That's why I think giving it to those who are currently with the board will give the best,” said Salahuddin.

In response to a question about whether he would take up the role if the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) were to appoint him as an assistant coach, Salahuddin stated that he was not sure and he needs to know more about the person he will be working with.

"I actually don’t know the development group; I don't even know the HP's. I need all the knowledge to work in such a position. I don't know Hathurusingha's mentality either. Even don't know what kind of coach he is. So I need to know a little about the person I will be working with,” he added.