Sahan gets GPA-5 in SSC exam

Ahsanul Haque Sahan, a meritorious student of the border area of Moulvibazar district, has overcome all obstacles with the blessings of Digital Bangladesh.

He studied in a village school but got GPA-5 from the science department in the SSC examination held in 2020. He said, "I have touched my dream by overcoming many limitations by using digital gadgets."

Sahan said, “After getting scholarship and GPA-5 in talent pool in JSC, I decided that I must get GPA-5 in SSC. Then I studied nourishing that dream in a planned way.”

“But after studying in the science department and staying in the village, I did not get enough teachers for private tuition. Because Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Higher Math and some English terms were not found satisfactorily from anybody. I went to Sylhet city and took admission into a coaching center. But it was difficult to live there alone without my parents, so I returned to my village home in a few days,” he added.

Sahan further said, “I shared my concerns with my family and my elder brother connected me to a laptop and with internet.  When I didn't understand anything of my studies, I would search it on internet and find out. Now I want to thank the internet, Google and YouTube. Thanks also to all the artisans of Digital Bangladesh.”

He said, “Full credit goes to Digital Bangladesh. Because I have touched my dream by using digital technology.”

Asked about this, Rasheda Akhter, headmistress of Sagornal High School, told the Bangladesh Post that: “We are all very happy to have achieved good results. This is possible only with the sincerity of students, teachers and parents.”

She said, “I look forward to a successful future for those who have passed SSC. This is not the end for those who have failed. Because the world is so big.”

Ahsanul Haque Sahan said, "By the grace of Allah, I got GPA-5 with the support and inspiration of my parents, siblings and well-wishers and the sincere teaching of my dear school teachers."