Rose sold at Tk 50

Abdus Salam Babu, Bogura

Per piece of Red and Crimson Rose was sold at Taka 50 at Shaheed Khokon Park area in Bogura on the occasion of the Valentine’s Day and the first day of Bangla month of Falgun.  

Flower sellers at the area informed, from Thursday evening to Friday evening, they sold flowers worth Taka 30 lakh (three million). 

There having a tremendous demand of red, scarlet and crimson roses, per piece of rose at flower market of Shahid Khokon Park area was sold at Taka 50. Flower traders, however, informed, the price of flower was comparatively less this year. The selling of flower was decreased because the Valentine's Day and the first Falgun were observed at the same day. They further said, the red rose (China) has been sold at Taka 35 to 50 per piece, local Rose at taka 15 to 30, Gladiolous at Taka 15- 25, Gerebera at taka 30, tube rose at taka 10 and 12 each, Marigold at Taka 40 per one hundred pieces. 

Amit Das Laxaman, General Secretary of Bogura district flower traders association informed, 17 traders used to sell flowers at the park areas. Though they used to sell flowers all through the year, the demand of flowers increases on special days.