Rifat murder: 11 awarded various-term imprisonment, 3 acquitted

Hafizur Rahman, Judge of District Child Court of Borguna on Tuesday ( 27 October) awarded 11 underaged accused to various-term of imprisonment while three accused were acquitted in sensational Borguna Rifat Sharif murder case.

The convicts are-Rashidul Hasan Rishan Farazi(17+), Raqibul Hasan Rifat Howlader(15+), Abu Abdullah Raihan(16+), Joy Chandra Sarker Chandan(17+),   Oliullah Oli(16+), Naim(17+), Tanvir Hossain(17+), Nazmul Hasan(14+), Rakibul Hasan Niamat(15+), Syed Maruf Billah Mohibullah(17+) and Prince Mollah(15+).

Those who were acquitted have been identified as - Maruf mallik(17+), Ratul Shikder Joy(16+) and Arian Hossain Shrabon(16+).

The argument of the case was finished on October-15. After the end of argument of both sides, Hafizur Rahman, Judge of the Borguna District Child Court fixed ther day of 27 October to pronounce the judgement of the court. Before fixing the date for judgement, the court took deposition of 74 witnesses among 76.

Eight accused who were on bail were also present at the court to hear the verdict. Six accused were also produced before the court from the jail. Judge pronounced the judgement infront of the accused. After pronouncement of the verdict, the convicts were again sent to jail.

On Januray 8 this yer, the charge against those underaged accused was formed.

It is learnt,  Rifat was stabbed to death infront of Borguna Government College on June 26 last year. On June-27, Abdul Halim Dulal Sharif, father of Rifat, filed a muder case in Borgruna police station.

On September-1 same year, police  submitted report accusing 24 perosons including 10 adult and 14 non-adult persons.

Nayan Bond, the prime accuse of the case was killed in police cross fire on July-2 that is why he was not included in case proceeding.

Borguna District and Sessin Judge court pronounced verdict of the case of adult accused on September-30 in which six accued including Ayesha Siddique Minnu, wife of Rifat, were awarded death penalty.  Rest four were acquitted from the charge.