Rice prices on the rise

Published : 12 Apr 2020 10:34 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 04:14 PM

The dishonest wholesale rice traders gradually hiked up prices of rice up to one thousand taka per rice-sack that contains 50 kg rice.  Netaiganj, the biggest wholesale market in Narayanganj of essential commodities including rice, flour, salt, sugar and others has on  lame excuses hiked the prices of  all commodities. 

In these disastrous days of the country, because of corona virus, the unscrupulous and dishonest wholesale traders of Narayanganj and elsewhere intentionally took the disadvantageous condition of the country and hiked up the prices of all commodities day by day. As a result, the poor people lost their capacity to purchase rice. 

The poor people who consume the lowest price rice named Lata was sold per kg at 30 taka, now it  is sold for taka 50.   As 35 days  have already  elapsed after detection of  corona virus infection, the screaming of the poor people increasing rapidly without getting sufficient relief goods from the authority concerned.

 The distribution of  relief goods by the municipality chairman and  the members is too much inadequate  to the the requirements. Municipality has taken a policy to check the NID and asking a question if he or she is a voter here. 

Day labourers are now hungry; they are not permanent residents here. Thus, they are being deprived of relief allotted by the government. Now they depend on the grace of the rich people who distribute relief goods.