RFL introduces fruit, vegetable purifier

`Drinkit’, a brand of RFL Electronics, has introduced vegetable and fruit purifier to remove pesticide, harmful chemicals, germs and virus from vegetable and fruit. 

Mahabubul Wahid, General Manager of RFL Electronics, said RFL always introduces new products based on the demands of consumers. It is very important to keep food items free from germ during corona. The Drinkit branded purifier can be used on fruit, vegetables, kitchenware, baby toys, and other products.

He also said that the purifier, enriched with ozone and UV double sterilizer, retain nutritional values of foodand remove artificial color and antibiotic from food items. Moreover, it doesn’t create any sound while operating and water doesn’t overflow.  It also can be placed in tabletop.

The Drinkit Vegetable and Fruit Purifier is available across the country through Best Buy and Vision Emporium. Moreover, one can order the product online through www.othoba.com. The maximum retail price of product is Tk 9000.