Resorts to boost hill districts’ economy

Widespread publicity of the benefits of such projects needed

Our government is trying to reshape and promote the tourism industry for the socio-economic enhancement of the country. In order to achieve that quest, the government wants to develop the three hill districts -- Khagrachhari, Bandarban and Rangamati -- as tourism hubs.  

However, this condition still remains unfulfilled, as groups of ill-motivated people are spreading propaganda to put a halt to develop or implement this initiative by the government.

The local tribal communities in the hilly areas are in favour of the tourism site as it will significantly develop their socio-economic condition. Building world-class resorts in those areas will create new employment opportunities and will completely change the fate of the tribal people.

Such development projects will 

benefit the indigenous and 

local people financially

Agricultural products that they produce will get new markets and attract the visiting tourists. They will also be able to earn adequate money through fruit shops, restaurant businesses, and various handicrafts they make there. All in all, such development projects will benefit the indigenous and local people financially.

Construction of resorts in these three hilly districts would not only make a significant contribution to the development of the tourism industry but also the national economy. However, the development of these areas must be environment-friendly and participatory through discussions with the local residents.

Therefore, such development projects will not drive away the indigenous people from their lands, which the vested quarters are fearing, rather it will make them financially viable. The government should also monitor that these indigenous people will reap the benefit from the envisaged project.