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Remitter festival in Sharjah on Sept 16-18

Published : 13 Aug 2022 11:52 PM | Updated : 13 Aug 2022 11:52 PM

The three-day "Remitter's Festival", to be organized by an advertising and event management company "Idea Gallery", will be held on September 16-18, 2022 at the Expo Centre in Sharjah, the UAE.

The festival is an annual event to promote remittance through official channel and motivate fellow NRBs to contribute to national foreign reserve.

Planning Minister MA Mannan is expected to grace the event as the chief guest 

while Ambassador of Bangladesh to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Abu Zafar 

will attend as special guest. 

Besides, Consulate General of Bangladesh to the UAE BM Jamal Hossain will 

remain present as the guest of honour, said a press release Saturday.

The release added that the Consulate General of Bangladesh in Dubai and Northern Emirates has joined hands with Idea Gallery to promote "Increase remittance inflow through legal channel".

Remitter's Festival or Probashi Utsab is basically a gathering of all level non-resident Bangladeshis  residing in the UAE. 

Organisers create festive mood to promote about remittance, benefits of sending money using official channels.

Event contents are creatively set to attract fellow NRBs. They participate in month-long side by side events and proceed towards the main event.

This year's event will feature bank bazaar, stakeholders meeting (Sharjah, Ras Al Khaima, Abu Dhabi), traditional pitha competition, folk fest, remitter's award, 'Remitter's Loyalty' programme launch, remittance transfer set up, an 18-day campaign from September 1-18, 2022 to award all remitter's who will send money officially may collect their gifts by showing the receipt from event ground and awareness against unauthorized mobile money transfer.

Bangladesh Consulate of Dubai has launched an innovative campaign "Duarey 

Bangladesh" to reach out and address specific issues which will be part of the campaign.

The organisers will run a 15-day remittance campaign with a partner exchange 

house with their 150 plus outlets from September 1 to September 18, 2022. 

Those who will send money within this campaign period will get a gift. The 

Remitters should visit the event and collect the gifts. There will be an on spot remittance Kiosk for everyone to send money without charge.

The Idea Gallery has been organising remitter's festival every year since 2013 where banks and exchange houses used to promote their NRB products.

Mentionable, the festival could not be held last year due to COVID-19 pandemic.