Rare species of seasonal birds returning to Chatmohor

Published : 19 Jul 2022 08:28 PM

Although many species of birds once roamed Pabna's Chatmohar, many birds are no longer seen in the recent times. Due to the lack of bird habitats and disruption of the food chain, many birds have disappeared in this upazila, but at present, some rare species of birds seem to be awakening a new hope.

It has been seen that more birds can now be found in low water bodies and crop fields of Handyal and Nimaichra Unions of Chatmohar, canals adjacent to Dakater Vita of Haripur Union, thickets next to canals flowing through various bills of the upazila, crop fields and chiril areas of Moolgram Union. In the past, a group of bird hunters caught and sold birds, but due to the government's campaign, the awareness of law enforcement officers and the common people, the tendency of people to hunt birds has decreased a lot.

Kamruzzaman, a college teacher in Baluchar Mahalla of Chatmohar town center, said that there are many different kinds of spiders in crop fields, fruit and flower gardens and other places. Birds control their breeding by eating harmful insect spiders. He also said that baboons, crows, vultures, tias and owls could be seen in Chatmohar twenty years ago, but now these birds are no longer seen.

Chatmohar Upazila Executive Officer Saikat Islam said that in Chatmohar there are Lalkan Chatak, Desi Sona Bau, Bangla Babui, Desi Chandi Thot, Lalmunia, Yellow-footed Harian, Neelkanth, Jalmayur, Long-tailed Shah Bulbul, Blue-throated Fidda, Indian Golden Orion, Ishti Kutum, There are various known and rare birds including Asian Quail, Asian Bast Bauri, Karun Papia, Kalim, Char-ee, Dahuk, Taiga Chutki, Spotted Chatares. He also said, after being transferred to Chatmohar, I was overwhelmed to see many birds. So far I have photographed 78 types of birds. At a time when the number of bird species is decreasing, the rare species of birds in Chatmohar are showing a ray of hope.

He said about the problem, people are applying pesticides in ponds and fruit trees. A large amount of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are being used to feed the crops. People are using pesticides even to kill the weeds, grass, grass growing in the yard of the house. Birds live in canals, billows, water bodies, orchards, crop fields and collect food from these places. 

If pesticides continue to be applied to the bird's food source, the birds will die. Guest birds will not come. So more public awareness is needed to save birds.