Rare example of tree plantation

City dweller plants over 5,000 trees at Shailkupa village

Published : 11 Mar 2020 08:14 PM | Updated : 04 Sep 2020 03:53 PM

A person of Shailkupa upazila working in Dhaka city has been nursing over 5,000 species of plants and trees around his homestead. Huge people throng the house at Lakhandia village of Umedpur union at Shailkupa upazila in Jhenidah, about 15 kilometers from the upazila or Jhenaidah district headquarters. 

The house is now widely known as Brikkhabari (tree house). The house owner has taken initiatives to plant rear species to save them from decaying. Aminul Islam, son of late Golam Kawser, professionally a craft trader said he has been running craft activities on clothing with the women community in Dhaka. A few years back a number of women of his village and surrounding areas, have started working with needles and thread.

For smooth running of the activities, he had constructed a house at Lakkhandia Dakkhinpara. The rural women do not feel comfort in working in building house. Rather, they feel comfort at their houses. He had permitted them to book orders and deliver the completed work at Brikkhabari. As a result, the costly house almost lacking people. 

During a visit at the village, the journalists witnessed that the house was almost covered with various species of smaller and large size timber and fruit bearing trees. To make the deficiency he had decided to plant trees so that huge crowd could visit the house where the door remains open for all, although he is not available always there. 

According to Aminul Islam, to expand the garden he had purchased some land adjacent to the house. Now the area of the house is expanded on14 bighas of land. He had collected huge species from different parts of the country and a few from Belgium, Partugal, Malayasia, Dubali and some other countries. 

He brings a number of trees from Dhaka at least once a month when he comes back home. Rita, Naaglingam, Amazin, Lili, Shewra and some other costly species enriched the Brikkhabari.

Characteristics of the house are the wild species of trees and herbs are accommodated in the house. The entire house is decorated with “Wall Carpet” species. Not only that the septic tank of the house was covered with ornamental plants which spreading sweet smell in the air round the clock.

Aminul Islam said although he lives in Dhaka with wife Snigdha Islam, son Maizabin and daughter Anuska, visits the house at a convenient time frequently. Three workers have been taking care of the house at Lakkhandia, while he takes intensive care of the house for his natural love for the trees as well as house at his four-fathers’ land. Major portion of his income is spent for the house, he informed said.

Kamal Uddin, assistant engineer of Jhenidah municipality came to visit the Brikkhabari when contacted, said they enjoyed healthy environment at the house premises as the house owner cares them as his children. The well to do people should establish this sort of house on vast tract of land and ensure mental peace and recreation for the people at other places, Kamal Uddin said.