‘Ramadan gives opportunity to restrain ourselves’

Ramadan gives us the great opportunity of restraining ourselves. Fasting plays a unique role in establishing mutual sympathy, harmony and fraternity among the rich and the poor.

Bangabandhu Foundation advisor and also the director of President Abdul Hamid Medical College Rasel Ahmed Tuhin made the observation while addressing a Quran recitation and Hamd-Nat Mahfil, organised by Ummul Quran Tamaddun Majlis at Puranathan Tinputti area of Kishoreganj on Friday night.

Calling upon the people of all walks of life to protect the holiness of the month of Ramadan through practicing patience and discipline, Rasel said on the occasion of Holy Ramadan, I convey my wishes to all the countrymen including the people of Kishoreganj-Hossainpur.

He said let us cooperate with each other for the sake of establishing peace by eliminating all kinds of mischief.

Tuhin urged the law enforcers to continue anti-narcotics drives to protect the children from bad influence of drug, in addition to maintaining law and order situation during the month of fasting.

He said that the anti-drug campaign has already achieved considerable success. “Now we have to take steps so that our children can stay away from it.” 

Kishoreganj district Awami League, Jubo League, BCL activists and people of all walks of life were present in the mahfil.