Rajuk to remove schools from the capital

In order to make Dhaka a peaceful and livable city for all, Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk) is going to remove all schools and colleges from the capital.
“We could not give you a well-planned and livable city. We are trying to remove all schools and colleges from Dhaka.

 The plan is going on. We have also seen two places in this regard”, Rajuk Chairman Abdur Rahman said this while addressing a dialogue between RAJUK and Save the Children to address children’s perspective in the revised DAP jointly organised by RAJUK and Save the Children at Rajuk audito they expressed their views at that time.

Rajuk Chairman said, “The survey has been conducted to remove school, college and universities from the capital. We have primarily selected two places in this regard where all types of facilities including playground, car parking will be kept.” He said, “Despite being Rajuk Chairman, I could not build the capital with proper plan