Rainbow Paints introduces three new products

Published : 11 Nov 2021 09:15 PM | Updated : 13 Nov 2021 11:34 AM

Rainbow Paints has introduced three new products- titled Anti-Bacterial Interior paints, All-Rounder Interior paints and Damp Proof cellar- to give the maximum protection of the wall.      

RN Paul, Managing Director of RFL Group, inaugurated the new products through an event held at RFL head office in the capital on Wednesday. 

Addressing the program, RN Paul said, “We have received good response from the customers within short period of time for manufacturing products maintaining international standard. We will try to continue our initiative to highest service to the customers. We hope customers will be able to protect their wall from any interior problem through using our new paints and cellar.” 

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Kamrul Hasan, Chief Operating Officer at Rainbow Paints, said, “Anti-Bacterial Interior’ paints is a special product of Rainbow paints. The paints is made with special type of emulsion where S-BIT technology is used. As a result, the paint can protect the wall from harmful bacteria. 

It’s the latest technology protect the wall from salt and dump. Therefore, Rainbow’s ‘All Rounder Interior’ is made of special formula which protect the wall dirt free. The paints keep the wall free from salt and dump and make the wall shining.”   

He also added that, “Rainbow Dump Proof cellar can protect the wall from developing crack and the wall keep free from dump and salt and it increases the wall’s longevity. Customers can purchase 30 types of Rainbow Paints across the country through more than one hundred outlets and authorized dealers across the country.” 

Md. Shahjahan, Consultant of Rainbow Paints, Saleh Ahammad Chowdhury, General Manager (Research and Development,) Fahim Hossain, Head of Marketing and Nazmul Akand, Brand Manager, among others, were present on the occasion.

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