RAB starts drive against ‘dengue epidemic’ propaganda

After failing to create unrest by spreading propaganda of ‘requiring human heads’ for the constructions of the Padma Bridge, the anti-government forces are now spreading ‘dengue epidemic’ rumor to create panic among people. Some of these groups have allegedly sent a press release claiming that Bangladesh is currently facing a ‘dengue epidemic’.

Getting this information, government high ups have instructed all law enforcers to start serious drives against those involved in circulating propaganda centered on dengue situation. Talking to the Bangladesh Post on Wednesday, Lieutenant Colonel Sarwar-Bin-Kashem, commanding officer of Rapid Action Battalion(RAB)-1 confirmed of two arrests in connection with circulating such  malicious rumor.

RAB sources said getting secret information, a team of RAB-1 raided Kawla area under the Airport Police Station in the capital on Tuesday. The elite force arrested two persons --- who were identified as Lion Motiur Rahman Tipu and Engineer MI Tonnoy. They were circulating these rumors under the banner of Sajeeb Wazed Joy Parishad to dodge the law enforcers.

During the primary interrogation, they have disclosed some names who were also connected with the gang of circulating baseless propaganda in different social networking sites including Facebook and Twitters. Lt Col Sarwar-Bin-Kashem said, “Sajeeb Wazed Joy Parishad was circulating anti-government propaganda for a long times to tarnish the image of the government.”

One Lion Motiur Rahman Tipu and Engineer MI Tonnoy were introducing themselves  as the president and secretary of the organization. The organization is circulating rumors to create panic among the people, said RAB-1 boss. Currently they were distributing leaflets and banners and publishing posts identifying the present dengue situation as “epidemic and a crisis’’ to make the law and order situation unstable.”

RAB had intensified their vigilance and conducted a raid at Kawla Bus Stand. RAB arrested the duos from two different parts of the city. RAB came to know that the arrested Matiur and Tonnoy are drug traders.

During the primary interrogation, they admitted that though the government did not announce the dengu situation as an ‘epidemic’, they rapidly published several posts describing the dengue situation as ‘epidemic and crisis’ through Facebook and messenger group of the so-called  central committee of Sajeed Wajed Joy Parishad. They also shared these false posts among their district and Upazila committees as a press release.