‘Quality of drivers’ lifestyle should be improved’

Published : 02 Dec 2023 04:30 PM

Ilias Kanchan, founder and chairman of ‘Nirapad Sarak Chai', has said that the quality of ordinary drivers’ life should be improved. Otherwise, they would not concerned about passengers life.

“I would like to say to those concerned in the transport sector, you should change your mindset. Improve the quality of life of ordinary drivers. Because if the quality of life is not improved, they would not be concerned about passengers life” he said this at a programme on the occasion of 30th founding anniversary of Nirapad Sarak Chai (Nischa) at National Press Club on Friday.

Ilias Kanchan inaugurated the programmme.

In a written statement, he said, Nischa stands by the side of any disaster and helpless affected people. In order to make the helpless families affected by road accidents self-reliant, a public welfare action plan is implemented every year on the occasion of the foundation anniversary. The supporting action plan is being implemented this year also.

Ilias Kanchan also said that last year, on the anniversary of our establishment, goats were distributed among road accident victims across the country. Goats were distributed among 320 families injured and killed in road accidents through 120 branches at the district and upazila levels of the country including the central committee. This programme was started from December 1, 2022.

The assistance includes candle machines, wheel chairs, artificial legs, crutches, setting up small shops (with capital), providing cows and goats, distributing sewing machines, building houses for the homeless and distributing winter clothes to the cold.

Chief Coordinator of the Prime Minister's Office (SDG Affairs) was present at the event. Akhtar Hossain, Senior Vice President of Officers Club, former Senior Secretary KM Mozammel Haque, Secretary General of the organization Liton Ershad, Joint Secretary General Junaidur Rahman Mahfuz also spoke.