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‘Purchasing power of Jamdani increasing’

Published : 05 Jul 2022 09:20 PM

The weaving of Jamdani saree is famous and age-old crafting of Bengal.  With the aim of advancing the weaving industry under the patronage of weavers, the new Jamdani boutique 'Tanaporen' has come up with a combination of Jamdani saree and Jamdani products in the country's market. Tanaporen is a sustainable Jamdani boutique shop, promoted by Sheva's Sustainable Enterprise Project, in partnership with PKSF and the World Bank. The main aim of "Tanaporen" is to help weavers/entrepreneurs, involved in the jamdani industry get a fair price and to bring the products to the premium market by establishing market linkages. Jamdani cloth is woven by embroidering the design with the skillful technique of pulling and filling. The name "Tanaporen" is the combination in harmony with this rhythm of weaving.

To express the joy of the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha more the boutique of Tanaporen has officially been launched and inaugurated by the Textile and Jute Minister of Bangladesh, Bir Protik, MP Golam Dastagir Gazi at Gulshan in the capital on Monday. Tarabo Municipality Mayor Hasina Gazi, PKSF Managing Director Dr. Nomita Haldar NDC, Sheva Nari O Shishu Kalyan Kendra, SEP team’s Executive Director Sayeeda Roxana Khan, Jamdani expert Chandra Shekhar Shaha and many other business leaders were also present at the inauguration ceremony.

Speaking as the chief guest on the occasion, Textile and Jute Minister of Bangladesh Golam Dastagir Gazi said, “Jamdani is a Bengali tradition. Weavers work tirelessly for months to weave a saree but then if they do not get proper remuneration it will be difficult for them to survive. One thing is that the more economically prosperous a country is, the more its traditions and weavers will survive. Hopefully, now we are becoming economically prosperous. We succeed to build Padma Bridge, as the days go by, we are becoming more economically successful, and as a result, purchasing power of Jamdani increased among people.”

Mayor of Tarabo Municipality Hasina Gazi, speaking as the special guest. With expressing her gratitude towards Tanaporen, she said, “Jamdani products are the closest thing to my life. I am a resident of Rupganj. I often visit Jamdani Palli and see the work of weavers from very close. I am thankful to Tanaporen and all the people who are involved with this organization for thinking about the miseries of weavers and taking this great initiative.”

Managing Director of PKSF, Namita Haldar NDC said, "I am delighted to see our long-term plan implemented, and transformed into a boutique. This initiative of Tanaporen for the well-being of the weavers is certainly commendable."

"I am very happy that now there is a boutique for Jamdani in Dhaka. We weavers will get our fair wages. It is a matter of joy and pride for us at the same time," said, Rubel, a Muslin saree expert weaver at the event.

The award-winning weaver Siddique couple said, “We have been involved in Jamdani weaving for the last ten to twelve years. We are working to bring back the tradition of Jamdani saree that is designed 150-200 years ago. We will go further if the support of boutiques like Tanaporen is by our side. We hope that our long-standing traditions continue year after year.”

Jamdani expert Chandra Shekhar Shaha said, “Jamdani cannot be compared with all sarees. Jamdani is an art form which our weavers have to work hard. If everyone is by the side of the weavers and lends a helping hand, I believe the jamdani product will last for another thousand years.”

Sayeeda Roxana Khan, Executive Director, Sheva Women and Child Welfare Center and SEP Team, said, “Tanaporen is not a conventional marketing center and here not only will be the exhibition of weavers' crafts, but also a product exhibition of various Jamdani entrepreneurs who are aware of environmental development. It will also keep this ancient craft open to all by serving as an information center for artisans and crafts. Our long-term plan is to spend a portion of the surplus from the sales outlets on the entrepreneurs and gradually increase the credibility among the entrepreneurs so that gradually they can participate in it.”