Public teachers out of classrooms

Academic activities being hampered

It has come to light that around 25 percent of public university teachers remain absent from classrooms on so-called educational leave. This means that normal academic activities are being hampered as these teachers are not fulfilling their roles.

Some of these teachers fail to return even after their leave period is over. This is not only detrimental to educational activities; it is also a financial burden on the universities as the authorities are bearing additional expenses in paying the salaries and other benefits to these teachers.

A section of the absent faculty members are taking advantage of the situation and concealing the fact that they are working part time or full time jobs in private universities, NGOs, businesses, foreign institutions, etc. Students are suffering as a result, as there is a shortage of teachers in public universities. The quality of education is suffering due to such uncertain conditions.

The universities do not have any policy regarding how many teachers in a department can go on vacation. Therefore, many teachers from the same department might be on leave at the same time, which means that classes and exams will not be taken on schedule. Moreover, no opinion is being taken from the department chairman on how the department will operate during the absence of these teachers.

Normal academic activities 

are being hampered as teachers

 are not fulfilling their roles

Teachers can take up to seven years of educational leave, and can enjoy all financial benefits during the leave period. So many of the teachers are taking advantage of this and earn extra income. Some even stay back abroad in the name of educational leave and never come back.  

These kinds of activities are going on unchecked for a long time, and university authorities are not paying heed to this matter. UGC and other government supervisory bodies must address this situation as soon as possible and bring any policy changes needed to resolve the issue. The quality of education in public universities must be made a top priority.