Procurement of non-essential items

Execute PM’s order to weather ongoing crisis

Published : 26 Jul 2022 07:34 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has directed the authorities concerned to avoid the procurement of less important items in order to reduce the cost of government amid the current global crisis. Against the backdrop of shortage of the US dollar fuelled by high import costs due to Russia-Ukraine war amid the Covid-19 pandemic, she came up with this instruction in the Monday’s cabinet meeting.

The prime minister again asked all to boost crops production to offset the possible food crisis and put emphasis on careful use of energy. The government has already cancelled many less important projects, official’s foreign tour, cut fuel allocation for them, and executed load management as part of desperate efforts to ease pressure on the foreign currency reserves and face the current global crisis.

All the projects have already been categorized into A, B and C. The A-category projects would be implemented immediately and the full allocation of those projects can be spent. In case of B-category projects, up to 75 per cent costs can be spent. And the implementation of C-category projects will remain suspended now.

We envisage that Bangladesh will march forward

 facing all the challenges induced by Covid-19 

pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war

It is apprehended that there might be another blow coming for the whole world combining coronavirus and the Russia-Ukraine war. However, Sheikh Hasina led Awami League government is working hard for the people by keeping the wheels of the socio-economic advancement running. We hope the vigorous efforts from government will help the country cope with latest crisis.

Apart from the government’s efforts, we all have to work in unison to deal with the situation. No inch of land should be left uncultivated. We have to produce whatever we can. All should remain alert so that the country does not face any hardship due to the current world crisis.

The government and all other stakeholders also have to find out the alternatives of these right now to secure the livelihoods of the people of the country. There will be so many problems once the war ends.  The authorities concerned should remain cautious to avert that and avoid pressure on (foreign) reserve. We envisage that Bangladesh will march forward facing all the challenges induced by Covid-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war.