Probe into 233 unnatural deaths in Kishorganj goes on

Published : 27 Nov 2022 07:43 PM

Case investigation proceedings of unnatural death case is happening in Kishoreganj district. There have been 233 deaths in the last 11 months. This fatality happened from January to November 21 this year. In this, men have been victims of non-death more than women.

According to human rights activists, every fatality should be properly investigated to ascertain the underlying cause. Also, some deaths can be avoided if you are careful. 'Suicide' by strangulation or poisoning, death by drowning and lightning, death by road accident, death by train, death by electrical short circuit or suspicious death are recorded as non-death at the police station. There is no investigation in this case. In this opportunity, the criminals can get away with killing someone in a planned manner and passing it off as non-death. Therefore proper autopsy is required to determine the cause of abnormal death or non-death.

Police Super Mohammad Russell Sheikh said, "We are making people aware through 133 bit policing activities in 13 upazilas of the district. People are being made aware by creating a bridge between police and public to prevent non-death. It is our responsibility to make the society beautiful.

It is known that 70% of the people of the district live below the poverty line.

Family discord increases due to idle living during monsoons. Apart from this, the tendency of gambling is high among the people here. Complaints never come to the police station in these incidents; But the victims chose the path of 'suicide'.

According to sources, the number of drowning deaths in the district this year is 32, the number of deaths in road accidents is 27 and 20 people have lost their lives in train.

A doctor, who did not wish to be named, said that autopsy is mandatory in case of abnormal and untimely death. Kishoreganj 250- bed General Hospital does not have modern system for long term storage of viscera.

Due to the lack of modern equipment, autopsies are being conducted in traditional manner and the police file unusual death reports in the court based on the postmortem.

Kishoreganj 250-bed General Hospital Deputy Director Helal Uddin said, "We have already written several times to DG Health to transfer the post-mortem. The latest Civil Surgeon has written to DG Health for transfer to Postmortem Medical College. As long as we have the time, I will do the post mortem. However, due to the lack of trained forensic doctors, standard autopsy is not done in this hospital.

He also said, "We don't know why the postmortem is not being transferred even though the medical college has doctors from the forensic department." A proper post-mortem is required to determine the cause of unnatural death or non-death and therefore, where there is a forensic department, the post-mortem should be done.'