Prioritize entrepreneurship to combat unemployment

Promote a culture of entrepreneurship among youths

Unemployment has long been a serious problem in Bangladesh. There is no denying that the country has achieved remarkable economic growth over the last years but unemployment is still one of the major problems hindering holistic growth of our economy. It is sad but true that employment opportunities are not available comparing the number of labour force entering the job market every year. Moreover, inconsistency between job market and education system has contributed to swelling of the number of educated unemployed.

Reports show that currently the number of youths, who are not involved in employment, education and training, is 74 lakh. Considering this, we should encourage our youths to become entrepreneurs by offering them easy loans. We need to instill a culture of entrepreneurship into our students. Though entrepreneurship does not constitute such a social security as employment in large companies, still it can reduce the country’s growing unemployment and contribute to economic growth.

 It is therefore necessary to adopt measures that will help people become self-employed to achieve a dignified life. We expect that by creating entrepreneurs we can reduce the pressure on the country’s job markets and reinforce the country’s economic growth. Entrepreneurship is indispensable for a country’s economic development and in order to encourage this, we must disseminate education on it. Though such education has already been integrated in developing countries to create awareness and motivate fresh graduates to take up business as profession, such subjects or majors have not been widely covered in the various levels of education system in our country.

 Hence, the departments concerned should look into this issue with due seriousness. Also in order to encourage more youths to take business as their profession, there is a need to create a supportive atmosphere for the fresher and budding young entrepreneurs and facilitate them with appropriate tools.