Prices of veg, essential commodities go up

Regular market surveillance a must

Published : 16 May 2022 08:45 PM

Prices of vegetables and other essential commodities have gone up in the market over the week. After oil and onion, prices of eggs and local garlic have increased in the kitchen markets of the capital. What is more disconcerting is that soybean oil is still being sold at higher prices although supply has increased in the market.

The issue of price hike of essential commodities without any valid reason should be reflected in our endeavours towards protecting the right of the consumers. There is no denying that the government is trying its best to curb price hike of essential commodities. However, the government has to intensify its market vigilance and the monitoring process should be equipped with adequate manpower and resources. 

We hope that the government will take effective and strategic steps to stabilise the kitchen market immediately. Also, we must ensure that farmers get fair prices for their produces. Necessary measures should be devised so that farmers can sell their produces directly to the consumers. 

Necessary measures should be devised 

so that farmers can sell their produces 

directly to the consumers

Bangladesh is currently third in vegetable production and fourth in fish production in the world. The country is self-sufficient in poultry eggs and meat production. Nevertheless, prices of essential commodities are higher than the neighbouring countries due to absence of proper marketing system and involvement of multiple parties. The price goes up a lot at different stages of the supply chain, which causes a loss for both producers and consumers.

Price of essential commodities witness potential rise due to extortion during their transportation into the capital. Therefore, the government should take necessary steps to stop extortion in transportation of goods in order to stabilise the market price with the help of businessmen, law enforcement agencies and other government departments concerned. We too want to be hopeful about the positive changes in the market, We hope those who want to exploit poor people will be held to account and the government will take harsher stand against the unscrupulous traders. 

The world may face another financial crisis due to the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war after several waves of the Covid-19. Hence, all citizens of the country should ensure maximum utilisation of their land to evade any possible food crisis and help the country remain self-sufficient in food production.