President for formulating time-befitting curricula

Improve quality of education to produce skilled human resources

Published : 30 May 2022 07:56 PM

President M Abdul Hamid has asked the university authorities to formulate a time-befitting curriculum at every university of the country. We applaud the president’s valuable instruction issued to the university authorities. We hope that the university authorities will work hard in order to make the country’s education programmes time-befitting.

A large number of students are completing their graduate and postgraduate degrees every year. But many of them are not getting jobs because of the inconsistency between the education system and job market. The country should address this issue by investing more in education. 

No development will be sustainable if 

the quality of education is not improved

The national and international job markets want such skilled manpower, which our higher educational institutions cannot produce as they are still running academic activities with their respective traditional curriculums.

When the world is advancing towards science and technology, we are still lagging behind. Therefore, our education system should be made practical and time-befitting and massive changes will have to be brought in the curriculum in this regard. Besides, emphasis will also have to be given on improving the quality of education. Apart from these, the university authorities will also have to reinforce research activities.

To ensure proper and quality education for the future development of the country, the curriculum will have to be formulated on the basis of knowledge, skills and values. No development will be sustainable if the quality of education is not improved and curriculum is not formulated based on science and technology.

As our younger generation will be the key driving force of the country's future development, they must prepare themselves now for the future challenges. We hope our educated youths would turn Bangladesh into a developed and prosperous country.