Preserve forests to counter climate change

Forest areas in Bangladesh critically low

The total coverage of forests in Bangladesh is less than 11 percent of the total land mass. This is alarming as each country should have at least 25% forest coverage to meet the ecological balance. Population and unplanned economic growth has endangered the forests in the country. 

Forests are critical to removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, preserving soil and countering climate change effects. With deforestation taking place steadily in the country, we are at a critical stage and action must be taken now to increase and preserve the forest areas.

The Strengthening National Forest Inventory and Satellite Land Monitoring System in support of REDD+ project has been building essential institutional and technical capacities for regular forest resources monitoring. It is expected that the project will plant 79,000 hectare of forest, including a coastal green belt. This should contribute to increasing climate change resilience of the country.

Protecting our invaluable

 natural resources is our duty 

and should be the top priority for each 

and every individual

Forestry remains a crucial sector for the country’s economy through the provisioning of ecosystem services such as timber, bamboo, honey, fruits, and other primary forest products. It also provides other ecosystem services such as fuel wood, recreation, water and protection. Forests play a big role in protecting the land in times of natural disasters as well. 

Protecting our nation’s forests will not only be beneficial to the environment and the economy, it will also go a long way to protecting the country’s biodiversity and endangered animals such as the Bengal tiger. 

The government must fund more projects such as these to encourage aforestation activities, both by the private and the public sector. Corporate organizations should also do their part in expanding forests as their reach is far beyond small institutions. 

Schools, colleges and universities must regularly promote and encourage their students to plant more trees in both rural and urban areas. Protecting our invaluable natural resources is our duty and should be the top priority for each and every individual. If everyone pledges to do their part in protecting our forests, we will be able to reduce our carbon footprint and fight the effects of climate change.