Port city getting busy after Eid

The port city of Chittagong has started getting back its familiar bustling look as most of the Eid holidaymakers, who had left the city to celebrate the holy festival with the near and dear ones back in their respective native villages, have returned by now. The city streets that took a deserted look during the Eid holidays are getting busy with big presence of public transports and pedestrians.

The five-day holidays, three days on account of Eid and two days of weekend, begun on Tuesday last and ended on Saturday. However, the city road were largely empty till Tuesday as only the employees of different public and private institutions returned to the city by then, according to our Chattogram correspondent.

In the last two days, large numbers of vacationers, especially those working in mills and factories and small traders, have returned to the city.
The vacationers were seen returning in large numbers on Wednesday as well. As a result, huge crowds were seen at the railway stations and bus terminals.

According to unofficial data, about 80 per cent city-dwellers are outsiders. So, almost all of them went to their village homes during the Eid festival. Only the permanent residents of the city and a small portion of the outsiders remained here to observe the festival. On the holidays, the city-streets looked vacant with a few numbers of people visiting their relatives' house in the city.