Pori Moni to feature on new film ‘Story of Dodo’

Published : 18 Sep 2023 07:17 PM

Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni has signed her first film after becoming a mother. Her new film "Story of Dodo" is directed by Reza Ghatok. 

The actress made the announcement through her official Facebook account on Monday (18 September) at midnight and said "This is the Story of Dodo." 

She also shared pictures of the signing ceremony on the Facebook post. 

On Sunday, she dropped a hint suggesting that a signing ceremony might take place and said, "Tomorrow will be a very important day of my life!"

Earlier, director Raihan Rafi also confirmed that Pori Moni will be working on his new web-film, which will be launched on Binge.

Pori Moni has been on an acting hiatus since the birth of her son on 10 August 2022. She married actor-model Sariful Razz in October 2021.