Pond being dug on cropland

Published : 01 Nov 2020 08:01 PM

It has been alleged that Nargis Sultana, female Vice-Chairman of Tarail Upazila Parishad in Kishoreganj, is forcibly cutting down fertile cropland and excavating a pond. She is excavating this pond in the cropland on which there is a civil case about 1.28 acres of land in Rauti village of Rauti union of Tarail upazila.

It is learned that in 2018, Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury and others filed a civil case in the 1st Court of Kishoreganj Joint District Judge regarding this land. During the hearing of the case, Nargis Sultana, a people's representative, is abusing her power and illegally digging ponds without changing the class of cropland or without the permission from the Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue). Complainant Taubibur Rahman Chowdhury was verbally abused and threatened with death for obstructing the excavation of the pond.

Locals said female vice chairman Nargis Sultana and her family abused their power to occupy many plots of land in the area, giving fake births and death certificates in exchange for money. She also commits many unjust acts in the society due to her power.

Asked about the allegations, some who did not want to be named said, "We saw Nargis Veku cutting down fertile cropland and digging a pond." The case is ongoing. However, we do not know whether the class of cropland has been changed or not.

 Taubibur Rahman Chowdhury said,  "I am conducting a lawsuit over the land." There are witnesses in the case. When I tried to stop the digging of the pond, Nargis Sultana, the female vice-chairman, insulted me and threatened to kill me. I am a candidate for justice in this matter.”

"This is our ancestral property," said Nargis Sultana, a female vice-chairman. We are not doing anything by force.

Asked about the allegations to Upazila Nirbahi Officer Md. Tareq Mahmud, he said it was forbidden to change the land class. Legal action will be taken if the class is changed outside the rules.