Police raided a restaurant in Gulshan and seized liquor, beer, Shisha

The Department of Narcotics Control seized a large quantity of foreign liquor, beer and shisha worth Tk 20 lakh in a raid at Horse and Horse restaurant in Gulshan, an elite area of the capital.

The operation was carried out on Wednesday (September 23) from 10 pm to 12 noon. During the operation, illegal stocks of liquor and beer were found in the restaurant.

Restaurant manager Md. Monir and cashier Sarwar have been detained for being responsible for selling foreign liquor, beer and running shisha lounge without any kind of license.

According to the Narcotics Control Department, 203 bottles of foreign liquor of different brands, 810 cans of beer, two kg of banned shisha and three hookahs were seized during the operation.

Fazlur Rahman, additional director general of the Narcotics Control Department, told the media that the restaurant had been selling foreign liquor and beer without permission for a long time. We conduct operations on the basis of confidential information. Large quantities of illicit liquor, beer and banned shisha were recovered from there. Legal action will be taken against the two detainees and the restaurant owner.