Police action against propaganda on coronavirus

Published : 10 Mar 2020 10:37 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:57 PM

Bangladesh Police have issued an urgent health bulletin to all its units after the detection of three cases of coronavirus in the country. Police high ups were ordered to take stern action, if anyone circulate propaganda to create panic using coronavirus issues.

Police headquarters has also instructed all police personnel not to panic from coronavirus. All units have been asked to be aware so that coronavirus does not spread. Talking to Bangladesh Post on Tuesday, Assistant Inspector General( Media and Public Relations) Mir Sohel Rana said, “ All members of Bangladesh Police are on alert to resist coronavirus infection. Many measures have already been taken to resist infection.”

These measures include creating awareness, providing treatment and expanding treatment facilities, he further said. Police are also ready to face the situation if coronavirus spreads across the country, he added. As part of continuous efforts to build mass awareness on coronavirus, we have taken initiatives for circulating health bulletin among police personnel, he added.

Bangladesh Police are urging countrymen not to circulate propaganda centering coronavirus, AIG Sohel Rana further said. He warned that stern action would be taken against those who attempt to create panic by spreading propaganda using the corona virus issue.

According to sources, the IGP instructed to set up quarantine quarters in the Rajarbag Central Police Hospital to provide treatment to any corona virus infected police members. He also ordered a quarantine system in all divisional police hospitals. Health bulletin said police authorities are ready for providing treatment if any police personnel is infected with coronavirus.

According to intelligence sources, some anti-government elements may try to create panic among the mass people misusing the corona virus issue. They may also hatch conspiracy to embarrass the government by circulating propaganda on the issue.