PM’s housing gift gives new lease of life to the homeless in Barishal

Published : 02 Sep 2022 09:24 PM | Updated : 02 Sep 2022 09:24 PM

The lives of the displaced people have changed by getting a permanent house. Now they are able to earn money and come home in the evening to rest comfortably. When it rained, the water often fell through the leak in the shed and the furniture and pillows got wet - they do not even worry about that anymore.  Before getting houses, when they got a glimpse of stormy rain, they used to live in fear. However, they are happy because Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made their living arrangements safe.

Abul Kashem, son of Ali Haider aged sixty-one said that Prime Minister has done them a great favor by gifting a house each. They never imagined that they would sleep in such a sturdy, furnished house. 

An elderly, Abul Kashem wept happily and said, I had no land, no house. I lived in a hut made of broken polythene. In the rainy season, everything would get wet through the holes in the house. I used to live in that hut because there was no way.

I never thought of owning such a building. One day, the land officer suddenly came to my broken house and took my photograph and NID card.

Later I will get a house with land as a gift from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, he said. I am sleeping for the first time in my life in the in the house which is a gift from our Prime Minister. Thousands of landless and homeless families got houses as a gift from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on the occasion of Mujib Year. They expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister for getting their own address and shelter and wished him long life. In Gournadi, these colorful houses are adorning the small village.

Giving furnished houses with space to homeless landless people also brings joy to their children. Beneficiaries see the house provided by the government as the best gift of life. Chayed Alam, who is homeless and landless in Wazirpur area, said that the poor people are sleeping in the houses with their families after receiving the land and building as a gift from the Prime Minister.

The beneficiaries who received the Prime Minister's gift on Mujib centenary said, we had nothing. I never dreamed that I would be able to sleep in a building. They are very happy to receive the Prime Minister's gift. In Barishal, mainly the dispossessed, landless, homeless, day laborers got houses. The joy of those who got house and land cannot be understood without seeing.