PM for digitised land management

Ensure hassle-free and quick land-related services for all

Published : 30 Mar 2023 09:04 PM

While inaugurating the country’s first-ever three-day National Land Conference in city, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked the authorities concerned to transform land management into a digital one to put an end to the social and family problems regarding ownership of land and ensure hassle-free services.

When the land management system will be fully digitised one can know about his/her land status by searching using national identity card (NID). Land distribution system has to be digitalised to specify the ownership of land and thus the family and social problems over the issues would be solved

People must not experience hassle while getting land-related services and the problem should not exist anymore as the government is building a digital land system. It has been noticed since long that the service seekers who live in either rural or urban area are being harassed and humiliated in many ways by the deputy assistant land officer also widely known as Nayeb when they go to the union land office to pay the land development tax or other land related works.

The government should launch the

 "one-stop-service" as early as 

possible to reduce people’s 

sufferings and stop harassments

This grim scenario has been prevailing at most of the union land offices across the country for a long time as people usually do not get service from the Nayeb without bribe. People should not be harassed and humiliated in this way. Such harassment, humiliation and corruption at land offices will go when the land management system will be digitised. If anyone of land offices is found involved in corruptions and irregularities he or she should not be spared.

The government has established a new building named “Bhumi Bhaban” in the capital’s Tejgaon area which is expected to be a “one-stop-service” hub for land related services. So, the country’s people will get hassle-free services as all the offices related to land now will be accommodated under the rooftop of this Bhaban.

In old system, a land owner must go to the Union Land Office to pay the land development tax, but the new way would enable the owner to pay the tax without visiting the office. 

The government should launch the "one-stop-service" as early as possible to reduce people’s sufferings and stop harassments. Besides, it must conduct a cent percent e-mutation process and make the land management system of Bangladesh fully digitalised. Therefore, no land official will have either any scope or dare to harass and humiliate the rural service seekers in coming days.