Plan unveiled for developing youths to top 4IR potentials

Published : 18 Nov 2020 09:05 PM

State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak at a global young leaders summit on Wednesday unveiled the Bangladesh’s plan for developing youths for optimal use of potentials of fourth industrial revolution (4IR) which is knocking at the door.

“We make ICT mandatory in secondary and higher secondary schools build schools of the future and advanced digital labs are going on across the country,” he told FICCI Global Young leaders Summit which is being organised to encourage the youth of the nation and their role in the sustainable development of the country.

Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana Dushyant Chautala, Co-Chair of FICCI Young Leaders Forum were among others spoken at the function.

Connecting to digital platform in his keynote paper Palak said the government under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been building 64 Sheikh Kamal IT training and incubation Centers and 13000 Sheikh Russel Digital lab in educational institutions across the country. 

“All these above mentioned initiatives are being implemented at the advice architect of Digital Bangladesh which will help transform country’s human resources,” he said.

The state minister said the government has been providing digital literacy and skills training on various trades including digital jobs in the global IT and business process outsourcing industry, he said mentioning that it (government) has already provided jobs to more than a million youth and women. 

Referring to the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) survey on online labor force the ICT State Minister said Bangladesh has over 600 thousand digital workers, making it the second largest pool of online workers in the world. 

Even during the pandemic, from the ICT Ministry, we have provided training to almost 50,000 youths and women using digital tools, he added.  

“We have used Digital Technologies to sustain our economy – from working from home to maintaining the agriculture supply chain, Digital has played a key role in achieving the 5.2 percent GDP growth till June 2020,” Palak said.

He went on saying Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has envisioned 3 major milestones for Bangladesh – 2021 to achieve Digital Bangladesh by reaching middle income status, 2030 to achieve SDG’s and to take our GDP from the present 348 Billion US Dollars to 700 Billion US dollars during the same.