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People won’t accept move to hinder polls: PM

Published : 23 Sep 2023 09:51 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday (NY Time) said the Bangladesh people would not accept any move even taken from abroad to hamper the elections, reiterating her government’s commitment to hold next polls in a free and fair manner.

"Awami League will come to power again if the countrymen voted for it. But, the people will not accept any move even taken from abroad to hinder the election," she told a press conference at Bangladesh Mission in the USA.

Prime Minister's Speechwriter Md Nazrul Islam moderated the press conference organised to brief media on PM’s visit to New York to attend the 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

The prime minister said her party believes in the power of the people reposed in them in accordance with article 7 of the Constitution.

In case of any move to thwart elections, she said the people of Bangladesh will also impose restrictions on them who will take such initiative.

About fresh visa restrictions, the premier said that she hoped the visa restrictions will be applicable to all  including the opposition in any move to thwart the election.

She said the next general elections will be held in a proper manner if the BNP alliance doesn’t carry out any arson attack likewise 2013-14 aimed at foiling the polls.

The premier expressed her hope that the country that has imposed visa restriction will consider the issue from both sides or neutrally.

"I have nothing to say, if the Awami League is only targeted. But the Awami League doesn’t come to power depending on anyone's strength. I assume power through the power of the people and their votes," she said. Sheikh Hasina, also President of the AL said that they have been working for the welfare of the people.

"There is nothing to fear that who will give sanction or not," she said.

The prime minister said, " Khaleda Zia made repeated attempts to her. In spite, she gave Khaleda Zia, a convicted in corruption case, a scope to stay at home and get treatment from hospital suspending jail terms in line with the power bestowed upon her as the head of the government."

She said her government has first enacted law to form election commission alongside giving them complete economic freedom after bringing it out of the purview of the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).

She said they have proposed to introduce transparent ballot boxes and a voter list with photographs to hold a fair election.

In this regard, the premier reminded that Khaleda Zia had added 1.23 crore fake voters to the voter list to rig the election.

The premier said her government has held numerous elections that included by-elections and local government elections in a free and fair manner where the people have exercised their voting franchise spontaneously.

She reminded that if any people want to come to power through any other way except the election, they have to face the music.

She also alerted the countrymen against those who want to assume power illegally through chaos or violating the country's constitution.

"There is no scope to assume power illegally," she said.

Turning to corruption she said Bangladesh couldn’t see such massive development if there is huge corruption.

She said her government have not only built mega projects, but also reached the development to grassroots level.

About propaganda against the government, the premier said, "Don't pay any heed to propaganda."

"There are some people who don't want the welfare of the country. If the expatriates remain conscious, that vested quarter will not be successful," she added.

The premier called upon Bangladeshi expatriates to send remittance to the country through legal channel denying propaganda to this end.