Pay Zakat-Fitra instantly thru Nagad

Nagad has promoting its donation service, make it easy for anyone to pay their zakat or any other financial assistance, as part of efforts to stand by the distressed and helpless people.

Islam has repeatedly emphasized the fair distribution of zakat. The main purpose is to alleviate the suffering of the helpless and the poor. However, due to a lack of time and opportunity, many people cannot deliver zakat money to the poor and helpless. This has led Nagad to come up with a solution for donors, distributors, and recipients. The fastest-growing mobile financial service operator in the world has taken the initiative, as it believes that “if people survive, the country will survive”.

In order to pay Zakat, Fitra or any other donation from Nagad platform, the customer has to enter Nagad app and click on the ‘Donation’ option. After clicking on the 'Donation' option, they have to select the organization's name through which they want the donation to reach the needy. They have to enter the amount and then their PIN to successfully complete the donation procedure.

Currently, 21 organizations are associated with the service. They are Bidyanondo One Take meal, BD thalassemia, Amar Bangladesh Foundation, It's Humanity Foundation (IHF), SAJIDA Foundation, Bidyanondo Foundation, Center for Zakat Management, Innovative Consultancy, Human Aid Bangladesh Foundation, MASTUL Foundation, Doridro Charity Foundation, Odommo Bangladesh Foundation Mojar School, Obhizatrik Foundation, KK Foundation, Krishibid Foundation for Humanity, Anjuman Mufidul Islam, Quantum Foundation, Eye Care Program – Manabik Shahajya Sangstha, Shwapnojatra-Edu Program and Jaago Foundation, Universal Help Hub (UHH).

Speaking about the noble initiative, Tanvir A Mishuk, cofounder and managing director of Nagad, said, “There are a lot of well-to-do people who are interested in helping others. But they cannot do so because they cannot find a platform that is really working for the people. We have built our platform for this group of people. Now, any willing person can reach out to the deprived individual. As we are going through the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people who need help has increased. But the government alone cannot do everything. So, the rich have to come forward.”