Patients satisfied with the service of Bajitpur Upazila Health Complex

Published : 07 May 2022 09:39 PM

The Bajitpur Upazila Health Complex in Kishoreganj has changed with the promise of delivering healthcare to the doorsteps of the people. Under the efficient management of Bajitpur Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Sinthia Tasmin and other officials, patients are now receiving more sincere services than ever before. A total of 15 doctors are working in the health complex. Coordinating with the officers and employees, authorities have been playing an admirable role in providing health services by dealing with various crises with utmost efficiency.

The locals are stating that the Upazila Health Complex has brought a unique success in the history of the health sector by overseeing the overall activities including ensuring health services, cleanliness and beautification of the emergency department, inter-department and external department. It is learned that RD-health centers, health and family welfare centers and community clinics under Bajitpur Upazila Health Complex are ensuring health services to the people through regular monitoring and delivering health services to the doorsteps of all. She has even provided electricity connection to 3-4 community clinics.

According to sources, Dr. Sinthia Tasmin joined Bajitpur Upazila Health Complex in October last year. Immediately after joining she started ECG and ultrasonography service in the complex. Last month, she launched a free Caesar operation. Once the Upazila Health Complex faced load-shedding but due to the usage of solar power, this health complex can provide 24-hours of electricity. 

The kitchen scene of the health complex has also changed. On the other hand, the violence of the brokers has not stopped. The relatives of the patients are also falling into the trap of the brokers to buy medicines and perform various tests starting from the admission of the patients. Patients are targeted from the emergency department of the hospital. Then these brokers followed up to the ward. Later, showing the temptation of advanced treatment, the helpless patients were taken to various private clinics and hospitals in Bhairab.

According to some locals, the current health officer has completely changed the landscape of this health complex. Since joining here, she has been conducting various creative activities in the hospital, including feeding and cleaning the patients. The officer was also seen spending the night in the hospital. In fact, a little sympathy from the doctors, a little sympathy, a little smile on the face makes even a person suffering from a complex and difficult disease optimistic, forgets the pain.

The relatives of the patient Mukta (22), who underwent free caesarean section, said, "We are very happy to be able to perform free caesarean section." Because it would not have been possible for us to gather 15-20 thousand taka.

Bajitpur Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Sinthia Tasmin said, "In Mujib's year, the health sector will go a long way." Let's make a plan with this slogan how to change this hospital. I am working according to the plan.

She added, "With the tireless efforts of all the doctors and other health workers, with the overall cooperation of all including the upazila administration, local people's representatives, I am trying to continue the development of the hospital by increasing the quality of service."