Padma Bridge to open to traffic on June 25

Govt’s determination deserves plaudit

Published : 25 May 2022 08:01 PM

The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the Padma Multi Purpose Bridge on June 25. The bridge will be named after the mighty river Padma. It is the largest construction infrastructure since the independence of Bangladesh and the construction work began in December, 2015 with government’s own fund.

The whole country is eagerly waiting for the opening of the dream bridge to traffic. The Padma Bridge will directly connect the south-western region with the capital Dhaka. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina led Awami League government constructed super structure of 6.15 kilometer Padma Bridge at a cost of Taka 30,193.39 crore with domestic funds amid conspiracies hatched at home and abroad. The bridge became visible with the installation of first span on 37th and 38th number pillars on September 30, 2017. Later, 41 spans were installed on 42 pillars one after another making the entire 6.15 kilometer bridge visible on December 10, 2020.

The southwestern region will become 

the country’s biggest economic zone 

after opening of the Padma Bridge

Needless to mention, it has been possible to implement the mega project successfully because of Sheikh Hasina's earnest efforts and strong supervision. The construction was supposed to start in January 2009 and end in December 2015. But due to the conspiracy by a vested section of people in the country, the World Bank stopped financing to construct the bridge. It is alleged that Begum Khaleda Zia, Mirza Fakhrul, CPD, TIB and different persons wrote letters and e-mailed to the World Bank through Hilary Clinton for not financing in the Padma Bridge. But the country has constructed the bridge with its own fund under the dynamic leadership of Sheikh Hasina despite all conspiracies, negative comments and ill efforts.

The Padma Bridge has now become a reality brushing aside all sorts of conspiracies and suspicions. We hope people will face no difficulties in crossing the river Padma and they will be able to travel their respective destinations quickly and safely when the bridge will be opened for traffic movement.

The Padma Bridge will change the entire economic landscape of southwestern Bangladesh, connect many countries of South and Southeast Asia and contribute largely to communication, trade, industry, tourism and many other sectors in various ways. Also, it will increase the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by 1.5-2 percent.

Southwestern people now think the inauguration of the bridge is like a fresh beginning of thoughts, works, words and actions to go ahead with vision and mission. With the implementation of Padma Bridge project, one of the pledges of the Awami League government has been fulfilled. The southwestern region will become the country’s biggest economic zone after opening of the Padma Bridge.