Orsha in new movie

LUX Channel I Superstar Nazia Haque Orsha enters the media world through competition. The actress has created a strong position in media through her talent and acting skills. She is working regularly in TV dramas. However, even though she started her career through small screen, when also showed her interest for big screen when she got offer for good story.

Earlier, Orsha starring two movies have been released. Besides, she has completed the shooting of a new movie titled 'Shahos' directed by young producer Sajjad Khan earlier this year.

Orsha is going to act in the government-funded film '1971 Se Shob Din' for the financial year 2018-19. It will be produced by actress Hridi Haque. Orsha can be seen playing the lead role in the movie.

Regarding acting in the movie, Orsha said, "Even though I work in dramas regularly, I also work in films when I get a good story. The story of this new film is based on the liberation war. 

There is enough space in it to show acting, I will try my best to enhance my character. Hope everybody enjoys the movie.' "If all goes well, I will take part in the shooting of this movie next March. However, it is not possible to say more than that at the moment,” Orsha added further.