Organised fraud gangs active everywhere

Get tough on them, build mass awareness

Published : 07 Jun 2022 08:40 PM

A good number of organised fraud gangs are now active in cheating the users of various cell phone financial services across the country every day. Besides, they are also engaging women especially teenage girls in immoral activities. The gang members are also involved in cheating the affluent people in the name of making love affairs with youngsters. They have now targeted the secondary level girl students, who are being provided government’s stipends to get encouraged to continue their studies. Therefore, many innocent students continued losing money and social dignity after being trapped by the fraudsters.

The members of the organised gangs have now chosen the villages in order to commit all kinds of crimes safely using various apps. They have formed syndicates in separate villages in order to collect customer details, provide registered SIM with fake ID, and act as fake bKash representatives and agents.

The government needs to take stern action 

against those involved in such criminal activities 

All the organised gangs are promised to save other syndicate members, if law enforcers try to take action or conduct drives. Local political leaders and influential people are allegedly patronising the fraud gangs.

Members of different law enforcement agencies including police, and Rapid Action Battalion conducted raids in different areas and arrested many frauds with the cash money and other devices. 

The authorities concerned must take stern actions against fraudulent syndicates responsible for looting innocent people’s cash money and assassinating their characters.

The trend of crime is changing with the advent of newer technologies. Using internet, criminal fraud gangs are now conducting various criminal activities. 

Therefore, all government and non-government organisations should work concertedly to fight against such crimes to protect people. 

The government needs to take stern action against those involved in such criminal activities to rein the growing menace. Besides, awareness should be raised among general people about the fraud gangs, related laws and punishment. Relevant professionals, experts and the mass media could play a responsible role in this regard.