Oprah Winfrey hints at quitting acting

Oprah Winfrey has revealed she might not act again as the art "does not feed" her soul anymore. The popular host-actor, whose last cinematic outing was Ava Duvernay's "A Wrinkle in Time", said acting is not a profession one can "dabble in".

"(Acting) doesn't feed me anymore. But I think to be really, really good at it, you've got to do it a lot. You've got to work at it. And it's got to be something that you have true passion about. "I don't think it's something you can dabble in. It was fun to be Mrs Which (in 'A Wrinkle in Time'), and I did that because I wanted to go to New Zealand and wear the costumes. But no, it doesn't feed my soul anymore," Winfrey told The Hollywood Reporter.

The 65-year-old TV mogul also revealed she was no longer a part of the news-based show 60 Minutes. Winfrey said she decided to leave as the stint was "flattening out my personality". "It's not that it didn't sit very well. I did it. I think I did seven takes on just my name because it was 'too emotional'. I go, 'is the too much emotion in the 'Oprah' part or the 'Winfrey' part?" she added. 

The presenter said she spoke to former "60 minutes" executive producer Jeff Fager, before reports of alleged sexual harassment surfaced within the network, as she wanted to focus on her Apple commitments. Winfrey's megadeal with the tech giant includes a book club, documentaries and a potential series on which she might come back in her quintessential interviewer avatar.