NSTU Khadija Hall students pay fine for late-entry

S Ahmed Fahim, NSTU Correspondent

The Residential students of Hazrat Bibi Khadija Hall of Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) have to face problems if unable to return to the hall within 7:00 pm. 

Girls have to pay a fine of Tk 100 for late entrance and have to enter their name, room number and mobile number in the attendance list so that hall administration can inform their guardians later. However, these rules are not applicable for all of the students of this hall. Some students can easily enter the hall by informing the Provost.

The students complained, “Due to the rule, we return to hall before evening. If we enter the hall after 7pm, we have to apologize to various authorities. If anyone gets late for tuition, the Provost misbehave with her.” They also said that, “The residential students of Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Hall can stay outside the hall till 8 pm, but we do not have that opportunity.”

The Provost of Hazrat Bibi Khadija Hall Dr. Atiqur Rahman said, “For a long time the last-time to enter the hall has been 7pm. However, if the students have any reasonable demands, they can submit it to the hall administration and they will think about it.”

University Proctor Professor Dr Newaz Mohammed Bahadur said, “I did not know that the last-time to enter the hall varied in different halls. However, as the matter has come to light now, actions will be taken soon.” He also said that he was not aware of any fine taken from the students for late entry.