Noakhali Char dwellers inundated for days

Published : 12 Aug 2022 07:40 PM

The sudden high tidal water has flooded the lower areas of Noakhali's Hatya Upazila, Nalchira, Dalchar and Chargasia. All the villages of 9 wards of Nijhumdwip have been water-logged for the last three days due to the lack of barrage around. Main roads, markets are inundated with water and the communication system has broken down. Water has submerged the houses. Aman paddy has been severely damaged by the tides of the past few days.

It is known that like the last few days, when the tide started to rise around 11:30 on Friday, the lower areas of Hathia were flooded with tidal water. Roads in Nijhumdwip are submerged under 3 to 4 feet of water. Although it is dangerous to walk on some roads, communication system is closed in most areas.

Nurul Afchar Dinaj, Chairman of Nizhumdwip Union, confirmed the matter and said that about 40,000 people live in Nizhumdwip. The Union has no embankment even close to the sea.  As a result, water enters every ward of Nijhumdwip from all directions at the time of tide. The people of this union have been deprived of water for the past few days.