No Shaheed Minar at 100 edn institutions in Sarsha, Benapole

Roknuzzaaman , Jashore

More than 100 educational institutions of Sharsha and Benapole under Jashore district have no Shahid Minars on the institution premises. As a result, students, teachers of those institutions and local people are failing to pay due respect for the Language martyrs.

It is learnt, there having no Shahid Minars in those educational institutions, students and teachers there go to faraway places to pay respect for the martyrs on February-21. Many of the students and teachers of those institutions, mainly female students, do not visit the far away Shahid Minar on this day. As a result, the students and teachers of those institutions have demanded to build Shahid Minars in front of their institutions. 

Abdur Rob, Education Officer of Sarsha informed, among 126 educational institutions in the upazila,  only 13  have the Shahid Minars in front of the educational institutions, he added, steps have been taken to make Shahid Minars in other institutions as soon as possible.