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No security lapses for Durga Puja, says Rab DG

Published : 03 Oct 2022 09:18 PM

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) Director General M Khursheed Hussain on Monday said that no matter how smart the militants are RAB is smarter than them.

He made these remarks while addressing the media regarding the special security measures of RAB nationwide, after inspecting the security measures at Banani Puja mandap in the capital Dhaka.

The RAB boss further said, “I can assure you, RAB is smarter than ever.”

Responding to a question about whether there is any specific threat on the occasion of Durga Puja, the biggest religious event of the Hindu Community, the RAB chief said, no, there is no threat so far. We are doing cyber monitoring, intelligence surveillance, which is greater than at any time in the past.

When asked whether 50 to 60 youths who had left house for militancy were any kind of threat to Durga Puja, and what kind of measures are being taken to ensure security, Khursheed said, my RAB is smarter. I can assure you that RAB is smarter than ever. No matter how smart they are, they will not get any kind of success.

The DG said that security arrangements have been made at all Puja Mandaps to take everything into account, and those who have left the house are being monitored. At the end of the Puja, we can give you some good results in a few days. We are working on it.

He also said we are all working to build a non-communal Bangladesh as dreamed by the father of the nation. All law enforcing agencies including RAB forces, are always on the alert so that people of all religions and castes can perform their religious rituals smoothly and undisturbed.

Bangladesh is a country of communal harmony. In Bangladesh, we celebrate the festivals of all religions together, he continued.

RAB DG said that special security measures have been taken by RAB this year like every year to ensure security. RAB has increased intelligence surveillance across the country since September 25 to ensure overall security during Durga Puja. Sufficient numbers of RAB members are deployed in their respective responsible areas to strengthen security from October 1 to October 6.

RAB dog squad has been involved in necessary sweeping activities at Puja Mandap and important places round the clock. RAB dog squad is ready for any situation including drug, weapon recovery. Apart from carrying out sweeping operations at various important places including Puja Mandaps, RAB's bomb disposal unit is always ready for any situation that may arise.

The commando team of RAB has been kept ready all the time to deal with any sabotage and attack. Besides, RAB air wing's helicopters are always ready for any situation.

All battalions are coordinating with local Puja committees, public representatives and other law enforcing agencies in their jurisdictions through their respective control rooms. Security measures are being monitored and coordinated across the country including the capital Dhaka through the control room at the RAB headquarters (control room hotline number: 01777720029).

Any kind of arising situation including sabotage will be strictly countered by deploying sufficient numbers of patrols and increasing intelligence surveillance in plain clothes to deal with any situation including sabotage. Besides, important Puja Mandaps and places of worship are being monitored through CCTV cameras. Check posts have been set up on important roads in all metropolitan cities, district cities and upazila levels. In all metropolitan cities and important district towns, necessary numbers of force reserves are kept at all times to meet any eventuality.

Analyzing intelligence information, cyber monitoring and other information, no information of any kind of terrorist attack centered on Durga Puja was found, the RAB boss claimed.

But we are not complacent. RAB is always ready to thwart any kind of sabotage plan of terrorists by increasing intelligence surveillance and monitoring in the cyber world.

RAB cyber monitoring team is continuously monitoring online to prevent any kind of rumours, inflammatory information,false information being spread in the virtual world.

In the past years, the RAB forces launched a swift crackdown on attacks, vandalism and vandalism by miscreant gangs . RAB brought the perpetrators to justice. RAB brought them under the law by arresting about half a hundred criminals involved in attacks, vandalism and looting during Durga Puja. In case of any attack on Hindu community and their religious institutions, legal action will be taken against the guilty persons by immediate investigation, he warned.