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New forensic lab in Rajshahi starts next week

Published : 22 Jan 2020 07:25 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 06:02 PM

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), a specialized unit of Bangladesh Police, is going to introduce a separate forensic lab in Rajshahi next month to speed up criminal investigations. Shaikh Nazmul Alam, Deputy Inspector General (Forensic) of the CID, confirmed this to Bangladesh Post on Wednesday.

He said, “After starting function of the new forensic lab in Rajshahi, investigations in different criminal cases of sixteen districts under the two ranges and two metropolitan cities, would substantially improve as well as pick up pace.” Currently crime investigators from the sixteen districts under Rajshahi and Rangpur Ranges, and Rangpur and Rajshahi Metropolitan cities, have to send specimens as evidences to the CID headquarters in the capital for forensic test results.  

The investigation officer concerned is obliged to travel to the CID headquarters to obtain the forensic tests results as part of the investigation. Such practice of traveling waste precious times along with huge amount of money. The investigators face unwanted delays and hassles  further delaying the pending cases.

Sources said the CID high ups had planned to set up a forensic lab in Rashahi around ten years ago. However, the plan was not implemented for various reasons including financial crisis and labor shortage. Shaikh Nazmul Alam said, “We are going to start the activities of the new forensic lab from the first week of February.”

Inspector General of Police Dr Mohammad Javed Patwary will formally inaugurate the lab on February 3, said Shaikh Nazmul, who is the head of the CID’s forensic wing. Kurigram Superintendent of Police (SP) Mohibul Islam Khan said, “Now we need around one month to get forensic report. However, if the new forensic lab begins to function, we shall get the forensic report much earlier. As a result we shall able to dispose of cases much quicker.”

Mahmodul Hasan, Additional Superintendent of Rajshahi said, “Now we are forced to send specimens to CID headquarters through messengers. Sometimes we have to wait two months to get forensic reports.”