NCRB places suggestions to reduce climate risks

Network for Climate Resilient Bangladesh (NCRB), a platform for climate change issues, arranged a press conference at Jhenidah Press Club on Friday.

Habibur Rahman, Sharifa Khatun, Aminul Islam, Najim Uddin Julias and Nilkanta among others spoke at the press conference.

The speakers informed that they have conducted assessment in three remote villages of Kumrabaria union of Jhenidah Sadar upazila where they found the sorrow state of the people and their life style. The villages are Jhopjhopia, Raotail and Goalbaria.

The assessment said 31 percent of the villages do not have any food  storage. They can hardly manage food for 20 to 25 days a month. 75 per cent of the villages do not have any clear information on disaster and climate risks and its management. 29.7 per cent of the houses do not have health-friendly latrines as they use unsafe open latrines in the village.

The organizers said Jhenidah district is facing the risk of tornado, drought, excessive rainfall, untimely rain, thundering and similar risks due to climate change.

The assessment also fund the three villages people have no social safety nets as required for them making the vulnerable day by day. If they could be brought under the social safety net activities, it might help them reduce the risks.

The assessment put some suggestions to reduce the climate risks. These are- transplant more palm plats to reduce thundering here and there, aware people on their health issues and ensure health-friendly latrines, cute nutritious vegetables and horticulture, practicing organic farming and drought tolerant crops.