Nature enthusiasts crowd Moulvibazar

Published : 05 May 2022 08:24 PM

In the tourist center of Moulvibazar, there is an overflowing crowd of nature enthusiasts. After two years, Moulvibazar has become the talk of the town again. Every day about 10 to 15 thousand tourists are coming to Jaloi. The members of the law enforcement agencies are planning to travel to Naryapada at a reasonable rate.

The nature enthusiasts do not sit at home to enjoy the joy of Eid. Moulvibazar Jeevabachaitri is full of spots such as Lauyachhara National Park, beautiful tea garden, Madhabkund waterfall, rubber garden, Haor, Madhabpur lake, slaughterhouse 71 and other natural tourist centers of Jalo. 

Tourists have been coming to Moulvibazar from different parts of the country, including Dhaka, in addition to the local tourists. The tourists are fascinated by the beauty of nature. After two years without a proper Eid holiday, they are happy to come closer to nature earning some relief from the city life.

Families, relatives, friends and acquaintances have come to visit Onke. Tourists are expressing satisfaction over the price of food in the vicinity of hotels, guest houses and resorts, which are built around tourist destinations.

Tourists who have come from different places say that the natural beauty of Moulvibazar is not just captivating; it is even better. Being close to the green nature the mind becomes different due to relief from the daily busy life. There is accommodation and food for all classes of people.

Resort businessman SK Das Sumon says, after the last four Eids, this time around, the tourism-related traders are looking forward to the day.

According to the police superintendent Mohammad Zakaria, the nature enthusiasts is planning to travel to Nariyapada with the help of tourist.

If the natural tourism centers of Jalo are not taken up with super-crafty steps, the arrival of tourists in Moulvibazar will increase and more employment opportunities will be created. At the same time, the revenue earners think that the revenue will increase.