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Muktijoddha Mancha protests disrespect of Bangladesh flag by Pak mission

Published : 22 Jul 2022 10:43 PM | Updated : 23 Jul 2022 04:39 PM

The Bangladesh Muktijoddha Mancha has lodged a strong protest against the posting of a distorted image of Bangladesh flag on the official Facebook page of the Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka.

In a statement, the platform of 1971 freedom fighters condemned the move and demanded exemplary punishment of the Pakistan High Commission.

The Pakistan High Commission on Thursday updated the cover photo of its Facebook page with a flag which adds moon and crescent to the original red and green flag of Bangladesh.

The Muktijoddha Mancha said this was a “disrespect” to Bangladesh. “It is also a violation of national flag rules of Bangladesh”.

Bangladesh won independence from Pakistan in 1971. In the nine-month liberation war, Pakistan military killed 3 million people and raped more than 200,000 women. Pakistan never apologized for the crimes against humanity.

 The Muktijoddha Mancha remembered the sacrifice of earning the flag, and said a nationwide movement would be launched “if strict action is not taken against the Pakistan High Commission”.

 They also demanded prosecution of the Pakistani army at the International Criminal Court for carrying out genocide in 1971.

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